Active AIR 32mm

An authentic looking rich green turf with a combination of 4 greens and multi-shaped yarn. Ideal for the busy family garden, whilst offering a solution to pollution with its AIR purifying technology which is activated by UV light. 4m and 2m width rolls, cut to length.

Our innovative AIR® range uses technology capable of reducing up to 70% of harmful nitrogen oxides by oxidising organic matter and malodours at molecular level, when compared to other artificial grass surfaces.

1m2 of AIR® treated grass is comparable to the air purifying effects of one mature tree, helping to cultivate a sustainable, cleaner environment in your own back yard.

An added benefit of the technology means the products will break down pet odours, mould, moss and algae without any ongoing treatments.
Active AIR 32mm Technical Data
Yarn Type
65% /35% recycled PE/PP straight / curled. W-shape + C Rib.
Polypropylene woven, ca. 170 gr / m² Tuft cloth & a Pre coat, ca. 800 gr / m² backing.
Pile Height
32mm +/- 10%
2,503 gr/m2 +/- 10%
Stitches Per m2
20.475 +/- 10%
Mint - 4 colours