Introducing AIR®

Our pet-friendly range of turf

Uses the power of light to clean

The nano-crystal mineral technology on the yarn fibres is activated by UV light which helps purify the AIR and breakdown
moss and pet odours making it the ideal choice for dog owners.

Benefits of

  • Anti bacterial: prevents the growth of mould, moss and algae
  • Durable: no longer requires the use of bicides
  • Anti-odours: breaks down the odour of pet urine
  • Clean and safe for all the family
  • Low maintenance

How it works

Traffic, industry and agriculture generate pollutants in the air such as nitrogen oxides (NOX) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which threaten the biodiversity of nature reserves.

Activated by sunlight, AIR starts a chemical process that uses oxygen (O2) and humidity (H2O) in the ambient air to generate 2 powerful cleaning agents: Hydroxylradicals (OH-) & Superoxide-anions (O2-)

Superoxide-anions oxidizes NOX into harmless mineral nitrates that are consumed and recycled by plants.

Hydroxylradicals turn VOCs into water steam (H2O) and a small residual amount of CO2.

AIR artificial grass offers air-cleaning, anti-bacterial benefits, preventing the growth of mould, moss and algae and breaking down pet urine odours. That means no subsequent use of chemicals and biocides to keep lawns clean and safe.

Award Winning Technology

The technology used in AIR was the winner of the iSCAPE Project “Horizon 2020” to reduce pollution in the European Union and has partnerships with Nasa, Google and Apple.

Our range of


is suitable for

  • Garden Lawns
  • School Playgrounds
  • External Works
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Social Spaces