Artificial Green Roofs

Artificial grass can transform flat roof spaces at your home from ugly an unused into ideal areas to spend time relaxing, or residential system can change roof terraces into beautiful green spaces.

Our residential artificial roofing system is designed for first floor residential dwellings below 11m heights and where no fire regulations are required. We also offer certified artificial green roofing systems through EverRoof®, for commercial installations where classifications are required.


The System

Our three part residential green roof system contains:

EverRoof Artificial Green Roof Systems

We offer a fully tested solutions with fire and wind classifications called EverRoof. EverRoof is a range of multi-layered solutions for every roof top scenario.

The layers of the various systems allow drainage and protection for the roof space and can work perfectly alongside natural green roofs to create a really interesting, practical and useable space to roof projects.

The fixing methods will not void any warranty on PVC or EPDM surfaces as we do not fix directly to roof surfaces. Our solution is also suitable on lead roofs or buildings with large lead flashings, causing no damage or staining if the materials require removing later.

For any installations above 11m or where fire accreditations are required, contact our head office on 01572 766912 to discuss your project in detail so we can advise of the appropriate system.

To enquire and order please call us on
0800 246 5566 or email [email protected]