VertEdge® is a revolutionary system used to 100% fully secure the perimeter edge of artificial grass (the only product on the market to do so). There is no need for nails or cheap u-pins and the result is the cleanest looking edge you can imagine.

If you are serious about installing synthetic turf to the best standard, then look no further than finishing with VertEdge.

Supplied in 750mm lengths. Use in conjunction with EverFix ULTRA Adhesive.

✔ Prevents edges from lifting and becoming a trip hazard
✔ Fully integrated natural profiled finish
✔ Can form to any curve/radius
✔ Perimeter edge resistance to dogs and wild animals
✔ Maximise life of artificial grass (no perimeter failures)
✔ Cost effective
✔ Recyclable
✔ Safe & secure
✔ Simple to fix, user friendly
✔ Light weight, easy to store and handle
✔ Professional or DIY use
✔ Works with all artificial grass surfaces
✔ The new industry standard

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