1966 World Cup shirt awarded to Garden Makeover champions

ArtificialGrass.com has presented a framed 1966 England football shirt to BR Gardens after the garden furniture shop won the Peterlee branch of MKM Building Supplies’ ‘Best Garden Makeover’ competition.

MKM Building Supplies Peterlee launched a Garden Makeover Competition which participants entered online earlier in the year.

BR Gardens was chosen to receive the prize to reflect the quantity of grass the company has worked with, having purchased and installed over 1,000 square metres of grass across several gardens.

The prize was presented to Billy Raymond, owner of BR Gardens, last month during a special presentation ceremony.

Billy said: “We were delighted to win this fantastic prize. ArtificalGrass.com is a cutting edge brand and it’s a pleasure to both endorse it and use it in our garden makeovers.

“It’s durable and reliable in all weathers and I thoroughly recommend it to my customers. It’s also fantastic product to work with and easy to install – which is why ArtificialGrass.com is my preferred brand.”

In 2016, ArtificialGrass.com was selected as the main provider of artificial grass to the UK’s largest independent builders’ merchants, MKM Building Supplies, in a two year deal.


Simon Preston, Branch Manager at MKM Building Supplies Peterlee, said: “We’re seeing a huge increase in sales of ArtificialGrass.com’s grass and I think this reflects the modern lifestyle. It is low maintenance, reasonably priced and looks great.

“People want something that looks fantastic and that requires minimal effort. ArtificialGrass.com is one of the best on the market and its guarantee is fantastic.”

ArtificialGrass.com offers advice and full training backed up by educational programmes to enable merchants to understand how to sell its unique products.

For more information on the product range, go to www.artificialgrass.com/range or call 0800 246 5566.

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