Essential Guide to Batch Matching

Essential guide to batch matching

One of the most crucial points to a successful grass installation is batch matching as occasionally you may get artificial grass installations where joined sections of the same product have different shades of green between panels.

In most cases the reason for the colour disparity is that one of the sections comes from a different roll that was not manufactured at the same time of the adjoining roll.

If a lawn requires more than one section for a project please ensure that you take all the elements from one roll or another roll with the same batch number. This will ensure the colour match will be the same.

The principal elements of artificial grass is the yarn (the fake grass strand) and the backing that it is fixed too. Polypropylene or polyethylene yarn is manufactured in thousands of metre dye production runs and rolled onto bobbins/spools. Although the exact same recipe of colour combinations and yarn specifications are applied to every manufacturing run there will always be miniscule colour variations between every batch. (this could be influenced by temperature, humidity, storage conditions and many other atmospheric scenarios on a production day)

The grass/yarn and backing is then joined together on carpet looms and is formed in dye batches – known as creels – depending on the type of grass ordered a batch produces between 500m2 and 3000m2 in 4m or 2m widths, depending on the creel size. (A creel is made up of many bobbins/spools from the same dye production run) This part of the process is subject to the same risks as the yarn production i.e. temperature, humidity, storage conditions and other atmospheric scenarios on a production day

The finished product is then given a unique batch number. This number is displayed as a label on the roll wrapper.

Most of our artificial grass multiple ‘full’ roll orders will be supplied batch matched; but it is important to consider what is still on the shelf when you order your next consignment.

If you order both 2m and 4m widths as full rolls, we will attempt to batch match; however, please bear in mind that 2m rolls tend to be slow movers – so it is possible that you may not be able to batch match if your 4m stock sells out quickly and is replaced with new stock.

If you have any doubts or it is a large project it may be better to order cut rolls direct from our warehouse.

For further advice or information, please ask your nearest stockist or call us on 0800 246 5566.

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Essential Guide to Batch Matching