How to Maintain Artificial Grass

How to maintain artificial grass

To keep your lawn looking good, a regular maintenance program is always recommended to ensure maximum life expectancy. As an outdoor product open to the elements, there is inevitably some periodic light work you should carry out.

Follow these few simple steps:

1. To reduce the risk of airborne weeds, remove leaves and debris using a petrol leaf blower, a stiff brush or a plastic rake. Additionally, regularly trimming back hedges and over hanging trees will limit the amount of leaves falling onto the lawn.

2. Regular maintenance in the form of a weed killer twice a year to the whole area is paramount to further reduce a risk of airborne weed growth. If any weeds do grow, these are easily removed.

3. Artificial grass is mostly self-cleaning. However, if the grass needs cleaning, you can hose down the area with a light detergent and a stiff or mechanical brush.

4. To eradicate dog urine odours and mess, use a specialist artificial grass cleaner such as PoopClenz and PeeClenz.

5. For extra cleaning, protecting and sanitising astro turf and artificial grass use Block Blitz – with a few applications it will return your artificial grass back to its original appearance.

Please be aware that mirrors, mirrored walls, shiny surfaces and other reflective surfaces, plus other heat sources such as barbeques and hedge cutters (laid onto the surface) can burn the surface and are not recommended to be used where artificial grass is laid, as any damage caused by such items will not be covered by our warranty.

As you would expect, garden furniture can be used on the lawn but we recommend regularly moving the position of the furniture to allow the grass pile below to recover.

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