The Block Blitz solution is a powerful mineral and plant based Barrier Detergent. Block Blitz is 100% non-abrasive, contains no bleach, no acids or biocides and is biodegradable.

  • No scrubbing required.
  • Removes dirt, grim, mould and mildew.
  • Sanitises, removes odours
  • Freshly cut grass fragrance
  • Deters algae, moss and weeds
  • Eco friendly, mineral and plant based
  • Pet safe
  • Enzyme based to help break down animal waste
  • Antistatic properties
Please note: Artificial Grass is a batch matching product. Please ensure that any two sections are from the same batch to prevent slight variations in appearance.

Block Blitz is available in the following treatments:

Block Paving Treatment

Removes dirt, grime, stains and carries on treating after it has been applied. With a few applications it will return your driveway back to its original appearance.

Gravel Treatment

Can be used on gravel drives and decorative aggregates. Deters algae, moss and weeds. Apply every 5-6 months.

Artificial Grass Treatment

Ideal for cleaning protecting and sanitising astro turf and artificial grass. With a few applications it will return your artificial grass back to its original appearance.

Multi Pave Treatment

To be used on paving slabs, tarmac, resin drives and decking, cleans and protects. Use all year round – the only paving cleaner to incorporate UV protection.

Block Blitz Shield

Used on new paving this unique eco friendly product ensures you will never have to clean new paving again.

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