Fashion 30mm/36mm

The sophisticated micro-nerve fibre technology reduces reflection to achieve maximum kerb appeal, ensuring your front garden is the most stylish on the block.

Available in 30mm or 36mm pile heights.

Fashion 36mm Technical Data
PE monofilament straight & PE monofilament curled (UV Stabilized)
Yarn Type
7,200/8 dTex PE monofilament straight (micro‐nerve) & 3,300/8 dTex PE monofilament curled
Yarn Quality
Environmental friendly, free of lead and cadmium
Primary Backing
100% PP black with fleece, U.V. stabilized, weight 135 gr/m2
Secondary Backing
Black latex compound with a base of styrenebutadiene (SBR), with drainage hole, weight 836 gr/m2
60 litre/min/m2
Pile Height
30mm or 36mm options
2,570 gr/m2 +/- 10%
Stitches Per m2
18,900 +/- 10%
Mix of light and dark green + brown