Fidelity 35mm

Our installers tell us, this lush, multi-tone grass along with a high-quality backing makes it easy to install and is very easy on the eye!

  • Soft & Durable Yarn
  • Great for Pets
  • Natural Appearance
Please note: Artificial Grass is a batch matching product. Please ensure that any two sections are from the same batch to prevent slight variations in appearance.

Fidelity 35mm Installation Gallery

Fidelity has M and C shaped profiles which means it is soft yet strong making it ideal for all garden projects including busy family gardens and pets alike. Its natural look means it will also look great alongside composite decking, porcelain or traditional pavers and flower beds. The perfect finishing touch to any garden makeover. `

Fidelity 35mm Technical Data
Yarn Type
9,000 dTex PE monofilament straight (M & C Shape) & 2,000 / 8 dTex PP monofilament curled (UV Stabilised)
Yarn Quality
Environmental friendly, free of lead and cadmium
Primary Backing
100% PP black, U.V. stabilised, weight 210 gr/m2
Secondary Backing
Black latex compound with a base of styrenebutadiene (SBR), with drainage hole, weight 1,100 gr/m2
60 litre/min/m2
Pile Height
35mm +/- 10%
3,280 gr/m2 +/- 10%
Stitches Per m2
22,500 +/- 10%
3 tone mix of light and dark green + brown caramel thatch

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