Privilege 35mm

A soft touch lawn with emerald green tones designed for low use garden areas.

You can buy Privilege from your local builders merchant.

  • C Shaped Yarn
  • Soft Touch
  • Natural Appearance
Please note: Artificial Grass is a batch matching product. Please ensure that any two sections are from the same batch to prevent slight variations in appearance.
Privilege 35mm Technical Data
Yarn Type
PE monofilament C shape straight & PP curled (UVStabilised)
Yarn Quality
Environmental friendly, free of lead and cadmium
Primary Backing
100% PP + mesh, UV stabilised
Secondary Backing
Black latex compound with a base of styrenebutadiene (SBR), with drainage holes
1800 litre/hr/m2
Pile Height
35mm +/- 10%
2,474 gr/m2 +/- 10%
Stitches Per m2
35700 +/- 10%
Mix of emerald green + brown thatch

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