Installing 5m Rolls onto Stock Stands

How To Install 5m Rolls onto a Stock Stand

Our new 5m width rolls are great for gardens over 5m wide. If you are considering stocking these rolls, you will need one of our modified stock stands to allow for the additional width.

The instructions below will assist you in setting up the new stand.

  1. Drive forklift in front of roll, with forks as wide as possible as well as level and flat to the ground.
  2. Place a piece of flat timber across forks to provide stability and to ensure no damage to the roll. Hand roll the grass onto the forklift.
  3. Using forklift, lift the roll to approximately 400 to 500mm height from core centre to the ground.
  4. With two people, lift the carpet main support bar and slide through the grass roll core.
  5. Install wheeled ends to each end of the main carpet support bar. Ensure the brake wheel is facing the direction you intend to pull the artificial grass out from.
  6. Carefully install the graphics headerboard using two people (we highly recommend using gloves during this).
  7. Carefully lower the stand back to the ground.
  8. Push the roll stand into location in your store/yard.
  9. Ensure you apply the front brakes to prevent movement during use.

For further advice or information, please ask your nearest stockist or call us on 0800 246 5566.

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