Artificial Grass for Dogs

A Dog’s New Best Friend is

It’s not just the demand for artificial grass that has seen phenomenal growth in the past two years. Nearly 5 million households have acquired a new pet since the beginning of the pandemic, bringing the total number of four-legged canine friends to 13 million (alongside 12 million cats).

Pet and artificial grass ownership is an important parallel to draw as the former very much benefits from the latter. No more muddy paws traipsing through the house; no dig patches or unsightly yellowing; no more costly upkeep and the lowest of maintenance regimes.

With Gen Z and Millennials representing 53% of these new pet owners and a similar demographic striving for an instant green, all-year-round entertainment and outdoor living space, has seized the moment and gone the extra metre (and more than just their extra-wide 5-metre rolls).

Perfectly suited to dogs and with its added air-purifying benefits, the yarn in the AIR® range from breaks down odours without ongoing chemical treatments. ActiveAIR is clean and safe for all the family – dogs and cats included.

For further details on the leading pet-friendly, family-focused, environmentally conscious artificial lawn range from the pioneers, visit, call 0800 246 5566 or email [email protected]

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