Cutting Grass on a Roll Stock Stand

How to cut artificial grass on a roll stand

This guide will show you how to safely cut artificial grass that is being stored on one of our one or three roll stock stands.

  1. Lift the cutting bar and unroll the grass from the stand
  2. Mark the required length plus an additional 1.5m and unroll the grass to this length
  3. Measure from the end of the roll and make a small cut at the desired length to mark the grass.
  4. Slide the cutting bar under the grass and line it up with the marks
  5. Cut the grass with a sharp knife, using the cutting bar as a guide.
  6. Roll the cut piece of grass onto a core to ensure the grass is not damaged.
  7. Roll the remaining grass back onto the stock stand and reattach the cutting bar
  8. Return the grass to display by gently folding it over the cutting bar.

For further advice or information, please ask your nearest stockist or call us on 0800 246 5566.

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